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If you've got no time or don't have the tools take on your latest refurbishment or house repairs yourself, why not hire the experienced local builder that does? Whether you're in charge of work in your own own home, on a commercial premises, or of a property you're renting out as a landlord, these are the builders Ealing has come to rely on. Start with a no-obligation onsite consultation today to plan redecoration, revamping, and more...

These Are the Ealing Builders That Give You:

  • 24-hour a day customer service: learn more about the renovation work you need and get any questions answered whenever you choose to call!
  • An obligation-free consultation: that happens in your own property, and discuss your vision in detail with expert tradesmen
  • The chance to rest easy - we stick within budget: the main goal when conducting work is making sure we stay well within any budgetary limits you've imposed
  • Cover from full insurance protection: as well as a quality guarantee! Every local builder we have is an experienced and dedicated craftsman

Builders in Ealing

The Building Services We Deliver in Ealing - You Decide!

  • Painting and Decorating: refurbishment and touch-up jobs are both easy for the team of experts. We come equipped with the latest tools and the most up to date industry knowledge in order to provide superb results.
  • Kitchen Fitting Services: this is your one-stop solution for kitchen upgrades. Beginning with an initial consult, right up to final installation.
  • Bathroom Fitting Services: shower upgrades, water damage repairs, and more are simple for the multi-skilled bathroom fitting team!
  • Plastering and Wall Boarding: walls and ceiling are our oyster with our plastering and wallboarding service, and the repair men of the company also deliver precision skimming to finish.
  • Tiling Services: installing tiles on walls, floors, splashbacks and more is easy for Ealing professionals. We also seal and grout tiles for that perfect finish.
  • Wallpapering Services: the tradesmen on the team first correctly estimate the rolls needed, and then precisely fit your wallpaper into even tricky areas.

Besides the Builders services we provide, you can also count on us to help even for smallest tasks. The handyman services we offer are suitable for everyone!

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Here's a Little More About Our Services...

With many tradesmen it'll be hard to see what you're paying for, but with us you'll receive a clearly itemised cost breakdown. This happens after we've consulted with you onsite, so we'll know all about your budget, your plans, and how we're going to fit in with the first while achieving the latter! Your breakdown will include:

  • All labour
  • All materials
  • All costs associated with your work

The labour will be broken down by room or task, while the materials will include an estimated price based on the experience if we're providing them, and an even more accurate assessment if you've already bought the parts you want us to use.

The Booking Process - Five Minutes and Done!

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It'll only take you a couple of minutes, either over the phone on 020 3746 6636 or by sending us a quick email, to send is all of the details about the home improvement work you need. We're standing by around the clock - that's 24 hours a day, every day of the week - to take your call, so get in touch any time.

You'll get your no-obligation in-home consultation arranged then and there!

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Schedule a viewing or request a service on:

020 3746 6636

Alternatively you can send us a message and we'll get in touch at a convenient time to discuss your request!

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Information You Need Prior to Renovations in Ealing

Before you start a renovation, there are a couple of factors you need to take into consideration. Being aware of all restrictions and permits in Ealing is a must. We know how stressful the process is, so we’ve gathered the information you need below, so all home improvements go smoothly.

  • Make sure your home is not registered as a Listed building. Find out whether or not your house is protected by listing and viewed as a historic place at Historic England. If it is, there is plenty of advice and help you can find on the website - history of your home, best practices and saving energy.
  • It is important to be informed if permission is required for the renovation works about to be performed. Planning Portal offers a list of regulations for every part of the home - with measures and permitted levels. Keep in mind, there are special regulations for flats and maisonettes.
  • For a more specific information, Ealing Borough offers a Planning and building control section in their website where you can request site inspection, look at local plans, apply for planning permission and more. You can also contact the local authorities at [email protected] or 020 8825 6600.